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AARP tackles the issues that matter most to our members, their families and their communities — and some of what we do might surprise you. The motivating force behind AARP and our affiliates’ work is captured best in these words: We fight for and equip each individual to live their best life. Learn more about the work we do.

Our STEM Program

AARP continues to make significant investments in leading-edge technology, including AWS, Salesforce, real-time data systems, advanced modeling, self-service reporting, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. But that is only made possible through our people and teams. We are committed to investing in our people by offering training, continuing education and certifications, generally funded by AARP.

Our Approach

Social Impact


The ability to work every day to make the world better for people all over the world.

Career Development + Opportunity


A leading learning ground with supportive, 1:1 coaching to ensure you are getting everything you can fully benefit from the experience.

Knowledge + Resources


Challenging yet realistic STEM environment with the framework to ensure a robust experience that will put you ahead. An organization that prioritizes investment in innovations and platforms.



We have built a flexible learning environment with room to explore your strengths and areas of development. And you can do it in a beautiful workspace with fantastic amenities in the center of the nation’s capital.

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About Our Program

Inspired by the lives we touch, AARP continues to be a pioneer in the STEM space. With our multi-faceted approach, we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our employees, members and partners. The last decade has been spent on a journey of major transformation, and today we are delivering new business capabilities faster, with focused outcomes, customer centricity, greater reliability, and embedded security. The main components we are focused on are AI + machine learning, prototyping, advanced-data visualization, predictive/data modeling, digital product development, information security kill chain, and real-time response marketing.

Our Digital Forward Approach

Our consumers are already digitally savvy. The technology adoption rate by Americans 50-plus has dramatically increased over the past few years. The pandemic rapidly accelerated the use of technology in our daily lives. And as generations age, we’ll soon be serving consumers who don’t remember a life without the internet or social media. They’ll expect us to meet them where they are.

Let's Keep in Touch

Let's Keep in Touch

Let's Keep in Touch

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